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Bittel Rd & Dallas Ave

Bosley Rd across from Rite Aid

Buckland Sq & Wathen’s Crossing

Buckland Sq @ Boys & Girls Club Daymar Shelter

Carter Rd & Apollo Ct

Carter Rd & Cavalcade Dr

Dallas Ave & Griffith Ave

Downtown Transfer Point

Duke Dr & Kentucky Pkwy

Duke Dr @ Ky Pkwy

Ford Ave & Robin Rd

Ford Ave @ DC Public Library (Shelter)

Ford Ave @ Healthpark

Ford Ave @ Trinity Church

Frederica St & W Parrish Ave

Frederica St @ Brescia University

Frederica St @ Dairy Queen

Frederica St @ OCTC (Shelter)

Frederica St and Booth Ave Yellow

Frederica St and W 11th St Yellow

Frederica St and W 14th St Yellow

Frederica St and W 7th St Yellow

Frederica St and W 9th St Yellow

Frederica St at Likens Bldg Shelter Yellow

Frederica St at Mary Kendall Campus Yellow

Frederica St at Public Library Yellow

Kentucky Pkwy and Dartmouth Dr

Lewis Ln & Standish Pl

Lewis Ln & Tamarack Rd

O'Bryan & Extra Space Storage

Parrish Ave across from Auto Zone

Scherm Rd & Queensway

Scherm Rd @ Shawnee Plaza

Scherm Rd @ South Griffith

Scherm Rd @ Wesleyan Heights UMC

Scherm and S Griffith

Starlite Dr & Moonlight Dr

Starlite Dr & North York

Tamarack Rd & Barron Dr

Tamarack Rd & Buckland Sq

Tamarack Rd & Carter Rd

Tamarack Rd & Chickasaw Dr

Tamarack Rd & Winchester Dr

Tamarack Rd @ Tamarack Elementary

Tamarack Rd Mid Block

Tamarack Rd across from Apollo High

W Parrish & Carter Rd

W Parrish & Moonlight

W Parrish @ Taco Bell

W Parrish Ave @ Catholic High (Shelter)

W Parrish Ave @ Hermitage

W Parrish Ave off Roosevelt Rd

Wathen’s Crsg @ State Bldg (Shelter)